Welcome. I’m a New England based website developer and programmer with experience in a wide range of web technologies. My main area of focus is coding standards compliant HTML5 & CSS3, with jQuery, ASP.NET, C# and MSSQL.
Deeply skilled in the Microsoft stack, I have also developed with PHP, MySQL, Word Press, and Joomla running on Apache.

With over 12 years of professional experience in website development, please contact me to discuss what I can do for your project.

Responsive Design (mobile first)

This website was designed and coded using HTML 5 and Responsive Design techniques to first appear best on mobile devices. This allows the website to respond to devices with screen sizes from 320 to over 1080 pixels. To demonstrate this, grab the corner of your browser and drag the window to make it narrower.
The images will resize and the fonts will change as well. More importantly the layout will stack to allow the content to be easily accessible on the smallest of screens, instead of the aspect ratio changing to fit into an iPad, iPhone or Android smart phone.